Connecting all your networking options


Luann Feehan, Vice President of Membership

So are you successfully juggling your social networking with your real face to face networking?

While I continue to believe the most effective long-term benefit comes from networking and building relationships face to face – – eyeball to eyeball. I do think those efforts should be complimented with social media.

So let me ask ya this… Have you taken your networking on-line yet AND merging it with your face to face networking?

Let me share three ideas with you.

1. ENCOURAGE A MEETING: Invite the people that are linked to you and invite “your friends” to meet up with you at a networking event, like Business After Hours…which is open to members and non-members. We have one this Thursday, hope you can join me!  This is a good way to strengthen those relationships. (And… it’s a great way to meet those” friends” that you’re not really sure who they are or how you know them. I think we all have 1 or 2 of those.)

2. POST NETWORKING: Use your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as a way to continue a conversation or relationship that begins with a personal meeting.  It’s a great way to build on a recent meeting and to keep the conversation alive. This is a way to follow-up and either “friend” someone or keep your name in front of them as a gentle reminder of your existence. Just so they know you’re still around when they need your product or service.

3. RECORD KEEPING OF YOUR ACTIVITY: Connecting with people on-line is a way to keep tabs on your networking activity and a refresher for where you were at in the connection.

In summary…Let me put this in different terms…

You can make your Doctor’s appointment on-line, however you still show up…in person…at the Doctors’ office so the Dr. can examine you. The Doctor’s office places the diagnosis in the computer system and that keeps a history of your activity and can provide great insight for future interface.

While I believe social media will never replace good ole’ face to face relationship building and networking. I do believe it can enhance the experience and help to keep a relationship alive!

Wish you well, my “friend”!


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