Government Relations Update – 7/14/2010


Kristi Smith Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Policy Development

Missouri Legislative Special Session comes to an end

Big news from Jefferson City!  Both the House and Senate passed the Automotive Manufacturers Job Act – you may have heard about the 20-plus-hour filibuster on the Senate side led by Senator Chuck Purgason!  The legislation now moves on to be signed by the Governor.  Chamber lobbyists Nancy Giddens and Shannon Cooper provided assistance on this Chamber priority legislation.  Also, another big special session topic is pension reform legislation, which was passed and is on its way to the Governor as well. 

Session adjourned!

Check out this link in the Kansas City Star about the special session:


The silly season?

Some refer to it as the silly season.  But it’s too important to be silly.  The primary elections in Missouri and Kansas are less than a month away on August 3.  From now till then, political ads will dominate TV and radio. Voters are tuning into candidate websites.      

 The stakes are important in the upcoming election. Primaries are particularly contentious intramural contests where members of the same party slug it out in hopes of making it to the general election. KC BizPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, provides contributions to candidates who have been screened, studied, and evaluated.  

David Frantze – a civic leader, Chamber board member, and Partner at Stinson, Morrison and Hecker – chairs KC BizPAC.  Dave set out a process with greater transparency and more involvement for members.   KC BizPAC developed a comprehensive questionnaire for legislators to complete, interviewed 17 candidates;  and in the case of incumbents, studied voting records.  Last week, the KC BizPAC Disbursement Committee met and selected the following candidates for contributions in the primary election:



Terrie Huntington – R; Senate 7 (Mission Hills)


 Jill Quigley – R, House 17 (Lenexa)

Sheryl  Spalding – R; House 29  (Overland Park)

Vern Swanson – R;  House 64 (Clay Center)

Tom Moxley – R; House 68  (Council Groves)

Jo Ann Potorff – R; House 83 (Wichita)

Pat Maloney – D; House 116 (Kingman)

Don Hill – R;  House 60 (Emporia)

Bob Brookens – R; House 70 (Marion)

Charlie Roth – R; House 71 (Salina)

Don Hineman – R; House 118 (Dighton)

Stephanie Sawyer Clayton  – R; House  20    (Overland Park)

Lisa Benlon – D; House 22 (Overland Park)

Gene Rardin – D; House 16 (Overland Park)

Milak Talia – D; House 23 (Shawnee)

Nancy Bauder –D; House 41 (Leawood)

Kathy Wolfe-Moore – D; House 36 (KCK)

Kay Wolf – R; House 21 (Prairie Village)

Barbara Bollier – R; House 25 (Mission Hills)

Pat Colloton – R; House 28 (Leawood)

Cindy Neighbor – D; House 18 (Shawnee)

Mike Slattery – D; House 24 (Mission)

Stan Frownfelter – D; House 31 (KCK)

Paul Davis – D; House 46   (Lawrence)

Elizabeth Ensley – Secretary of State (Topeka)



Jolie Justus – D; Senate 10 (Kansas City)

Bryan Pratt – R; Senate 8 (Blue Springs)

Mike Parson – R; Senate 28 (Bolivar)


Gary Cross – R; House 48 (Lee’s Summit)

Ryan Silvey – R; House 38 (Kansas City)

Mike Talboy – D; House 27 (Kansas City)

Steve Tilley – R; House 106 (Perryville)

Additional candidates will considered this and next week. You many note no federal contributions were made, this is because The Chamber does not have a federal political action committee

Finally, don’t forget to vote. Kansas has early voting which beings today, July 14. Missouri does not have early voting. Regular voting in both states for primary races start August 3.


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