Dollars, Debts & Decisions – A Quick Insight Update


If you weren’t on Dawn Patrol this morning, you missed one of the more substantive presentations we’ve had on big-picture public policy in some time.  Three experts from the non-partisan Concord Coalition with something like 50 years’ worth of budget and economic experience at the highest levels of the federal government rang the changes on the shape of the future.

As the (purportedly) ancient Chinese saying goes, “If we do not change course, we are in grave danger of ending up where we are heading” – and this sensibility was palpable in the room.  Of course, there are some sales pitches that are harder to make than others.  Concord’s Executive Director Bob Bixby noted, “Pain is a message that doesn’t necessarily work.  I know, because I’ve been presenting that message for 20 years.”

But setting aside what’s politically palatable, if the long-term future of America’s economy concerns you, it’s worth it to download these three presentations.

Bob Bixby

Bill Hoagland

Joe Miniarik



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