Bring Your Ideas to the Conversation


May 17, 2011

Chamber President and CEO James A. Heeter

The “Big 5” ideas we’re getting from around the community are simply great. Chamber Chair Greg Graves (Burns & McDonnell) and I are asking this question: If you were CEO of Greater Kansas City, what would be your five big, attainable, and specific goals be?

As Greg is fond of saying, “My company has goals. Your company has goals. What are the goals for ‘Big KC’?” 

We know that our region is unique, with more governmental jurisdictions per capita than most. We’re asking people to erase those lines on the map in their heads, and think about what we might accomplish if we worked on something together. 

The general public – on both sides of the state line – looks to business first for solutions to the challenges facing us.  That was the finding of the bistate voters’ survey The Chamber conducted for its 2010 Governors’ Summit.  That same survey found that voters in both Missouri and Kansas believe the lack of bistate political leadership and cooperation is holding the area back. 

That’s the impetus behind The Chamber’s Big 5 initiative.  As the region’s Chamber  – and in the absence of any overarching political leadership – The Chamber is playing a role few can.  We’re collecting ideas from individuals and various constituencies and, once the Big 5 are determined, will serve as the convener of those willing to commit to each of the goals.

The state line may cause us problems elsewhere, but how can we work together above the state line to move our region forward and improve our quality of life. 

I encourage you to see what other people are saying and to add your own ideas. If there’s an idea you agree with, feel free to expand on it. Remember, we’re looking for thoughts both specific and tangible…so have at it!



One Response to “Bring Your Ideas to the Conversation”

  1. Jerry White Says:

    Tourist “on and off” trolley/bus service in service before the All-Star game, Sea Life and Lego opens. Major league cities have non-car transportation for there out of town visitors. We could up and down Main from the Steamship to WWI. This could be done in one year and be very functional all summer.

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