Moving Day: A View of the Past


It’s moving day at The Greater KC Chamber of Commerce!   

After almost 20 years of officing on the 25th and 26th floors of Commerce Tower at 911 Main, it’s time to head south a dozen blocks down Main Street  to The Chamber’s new home at Union Station.

At the risk of sounding like Mary Tyler Moore when she and her colleagues left the newsroom for the last time at WGM in Minneapolis, I confess to a bit of melancholy. 

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of a 15+ year career at the Chamber, during which time I’ve observed an increasing strength of membership as well as organizational influence in the metro area.  It’s been my pleasure to work with many of the region’s top business leaders during that time and it’s difficult to over-estimate their intelligence, generosity and dedication to growing the economic viability of our region.    Current Chamber Chair Greg Graves represents that kind of leadership. 

It’s also been a joy to be in the midst of the transformation of downtown Kansas City from a neglected and unattractive urban center to the beautiful, vibrant place it is today where almost a hundred thousand Kansas Citians work, live and play.              

But the jackpot has been the VIEW!  OMG, the view.  My office on the 26th floor overlooks everything as far as the eye can see north of 10th and Main.  Sitting here now for the last time, the view attests to the vitality, economic strength and historic charm of this part of our city.  My office overlooks where it all began in 1850 in the approximate vicinity of the eclectic RiverMarket.  The traffic on I-70….the ups and downs of the Mighty Missouri where Lewis and Clark stopped for rest and exploration….. the rail tracks where trains chug along slowly on the south side of the river…..the very busy Wheeler Downtown Airport for private and business aviation and occasionally Air Force I or II… the just completed ionic Bond Bridge.  On a clear day, I can see the Mamba at Worlds of Fun.

This view has been my inspiration through these years, where each day I looked forward to checking out the view to see what was going on in this great city or watching the ever-changing midwestern weather patterns up close.  It’s been a real treat. 

But as is always the case, good things come to an end.  Like MTM, I plan to be the last one here to turn out the lights.


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