The Dumpster: Day One


Pam Whiting, Vice President of Communications

November 15, 2010

It’s just arrived, empty and waiting.  The dumpster that will soon hold about 11 years worth of old stuff.

Moving is a pain, but it’s also an opportunity to cull through old files.  (After all, do I REALLY still need my notes from the gubernatorial debate between Bob Holden and Jim Talent?  I think not.)

And when you’ve finally completed the job, dontcha feel rather self-righteous about it all?  (I confess I’m not there yet…)

The Chamber’s move to Union Station is prompting this frenzy of cleaning out. (Okay, frenzy is overstating it.  Perhaps ‘casual attempt at cleaning out’ is a more accurate description.  I have good intentions but the task is rather daunting.)

Almost every file prompts at least a short trip down Memory Lane.  That only lengthens the process.

We’ve got a deadline in front of us:  the movers come in mid-December.  I’d better get cracking.

And we got some good news last week – the announcement that the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute will be joining us at Union Station.   They’re moving their offices in mid-December, too.

It’s good news for the Station as well, and exactly what Chamber leadership hoped would happen.  As former Chamber Chair Peter deSilva said when he announced our move to Union Station earlier this year, “We hope this will be a catalyst for other organizations looking for new office space.”

We’re excited about moving into ours.

But first I have to deal with 11 years worth of paper and junk.


One Response to “The Dumpster: Day One”

  1. nationranch Says:

    Pam, I feel your pain. I’m moving my offices and have to pack up nine years worth of files. As a natural-born pack rat (I have boxes of Esquire magazines from 1992 in my attic!), it’s taking every ounce of energy I have to shred and/or toss files from clients who haven’t been clients for years….but I am here to tell you IT CAN BE DONE. Best of luck. Glad the Chamber is moving to Union Station.

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