It’s a Major League Monday


President and CEO James A. Heeter

It’s a red (and blue) letter day at the Truman Sports Complex on Monday – a feast for Kansas City sports fans (and I’m not just talking tailgating).

With the Royals playing in the afternoon and the Chiefs in their home opener in the evening (on Monday Night Football, no less) the parking lots are going to be getting a workout.  This kind of day probably won’t happen again for quite awhile.

Monday certainly underscores the importance of major league sports to Kansas City – both in terms of national visibility and the economic impact the two teams have on our community. In terms of tax revenue alone, the two teams contribute a combined $25.4 million a year.  And estimates of the combined annual economic impact of the Royals and the Chiefs?  More than $250 million a year.

As for the publicity from a Monday Night Football game?  Priceless. 

Of course, there’s also the charitable work both organizations provide.  “Red Friday” is a perfect example – sales of the special edition of the 2010 Chiefs Red Friday Magazine will benefit the Chiefs Children’s Fund.  Proceeds from the Royals’ “Greater Kansas City Day” in the spring go to the Rotary Youth Camp and other children’s charities.  And those two events are just the tip of the teams’ charitable iceberg.

(My only question – do I need to wear red and blue on Monday?  Ummmm…somehow I just can’t do that. I’m an MU grad…)

But it’ll be GO ROYALS in the afternoon – and GO CHIEFS Monday night!  Thanks to both, KC is a major league town.


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