When networking, be memorable


Luann Feehan, Vice President of Membership

Whether you want to expand your circle of influence, increase your sales, raise money for charity or elevate your personal or business profile in the community, here are some realistic, tangible ideas to help you accomplish your objectives.

The 4 most important letters in Networking is W-O-R-K, because that’s exactly what it takes. I know, some make it look easy but truth be told, it’s like so many other things. The more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Here are some ideas on how you can enhance casual business contacts and turn them into lucrative long-term relationships for you and your company.

Use memory hooks. These are excellent tools to use when you’re trying to make a positive, lasting, first impression. A memory hook is something in your introduction that so vividly describes what you do. People will be able to visualize it (or you) clearly in their minds’ eye.  And, people remember visually longer than intellectually.

This can be done by:

Personal branding the way you look:

For example… you’ve probably seen Garret Gardner with Full Voice or Andrew Kaplan with Commerce Bank at various chamber functions. They are always wearing their bow ties. Or maybe you’ve met Mary Redmond with Independent Lease Review; she’s always sporting a great hat.

What these people have identified is a unique way to become hooked in our memories because of their own personal branding.

Branding what you say cleverly with a bit of humor:

Using humor, not to be confused with rude or weird, is another great way to be remembered. When you craft your elevator speech, think about ways to say what you do in a fun, cleaver way. For example

  • Accountant – “When you’re ready to work on your taxes, give us a call because we’re the ones that count!” (Thank you John Scholtes with The Taylor Group.)
  • Chiropractor – “You’ll feel fine when your spine’s in line.” Or “We’re always glad to see you’re back.” (Nice work Dr. Robin with Your Wellness Connection.)
  • Electrical Contractor – “For your commercial and residential electrical needs…give us a call and we’ll check out your shorts.”
  • Plumber – “Remember, a flush is always better than a full house.”

This really works! A word of caution though. Make sure what you’re saying is truly funny and not perceived as insulting.

I’ll bet many of you reading this right now has ran into Christy Chester with Boyle Meat Company.  She has a wonderful…memorable…elevator speech that goes something like this…”I can put a steak in your future, beef up your business; help you out in lean times. And, it’s rare that we don’t have a sizzlin’ good time.”

These are just a few ideas of what other members are using to position themselves. And, by the way, they’re great networkers too!

These ideas may not be right for you, your personality or your business type. The point is: Think about what IS right for you. What can you be doing to become more memorable so people will think of you when they need your product or service?

I would love to get your feedback on what has worked for you. Go ahead, feel free to add your comments.

So now please get networking and meet someone you don’t know.

It’s easy, put a smile on your face and just say hello.


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