Chamber Intern Sets High Bar


Kristi Smith Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Policy Development

Young people in this country get a bad rap. Word is they are spoiled, allergic to hard work, dress inappropriately for business, lack communication skills outside their “crackberries.”  I don’t buy it for a minute.  And here’s why: 

The Chamber has benefited from the work of some outstanding young interns this summer and over the years…college students, high school students, and in between.  They are attracted to The Chamber for obvious reasons – real work experience, resume building, contacts, etc……in place of a job that pays.

Andrew Elsberry

Andrew Elsberry has worked full-time this summer at The Chamber in the Government Relations Department.  He came to us via a connection with Jim Heeter, Chamber President and CEO.  Andrew has contributed substantially to Chamber’s work output this summer.  And I hope his experience at The Chamber has enriched him in turn.  This is his last week before he heads back to college to begin his sophomore year.  

Tomorrow, we’re taking him to Gates, a personal favorite, to show our appreciation. It’s a small token of thanks for a job very well done… for research on business issues, coordination of meetings, communications with Chamber members, tabulation of candidate statistics and election results,  participation in executive and board meetings, to name a few.      

Andrew understands the relationship between business and public policy.  It might be because his grandfather encouraged him to read business magazines while he was still a child and then discuss content with him. He knows how to present himself and converse with people old enough to be his parents or grandparents.  He knows how to dress professionally, actually putting some permanent staff members to shame. He is always respectful, appropriate and confident.  He is punctual and has taken only one day off all summer – and that was a day he wasn’t feeling well.

Andrew anticipates what needs to be done….doesn’t need to be prompted.  He’s kind and humble with a great sense of humor. On his own, he coordinated a central city volunteer project for young people this summer.  He’s sure to be a success in whatever he does. His parents and family deserve to be very proud of this young man. 

Andrew, we will miss you.  Your future is bright!   Keep up the good work!


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