Online Communities – Your Ideas Needed!


Pam Whiting, Vice President of Communications

We’re still hard at work behind the scenes on the redesign of this Web site.  Lots of tasks to complete before we launch – including planning for our new online communities.

In our last member survey, you told us time was your biggest challenge – and that networking was your top priority in joining The Chamber.  So, armed with that information, we’ve made sure to create a space where Chamber members can connect and dialogue, sharing information and ideas about…whatever!  All from your desk or laptop or phone.

Don’t know if you’ve ever joined an online community before.  I hadn’t – until recently.  I found it by accident when I was searching for information on a medical issue.  Not only did I get the answer I needed, but I also found a kindred group of people dealing with the same condition I was.  Now I log on daily, just to see what community members are talking about, to respond to someone’s question or comment, or to start a discussion of my own. 

Quite frankly, until I became involved, I really didn’t understand the full power of that kind of social media connection. 

It’s pretty amazing. 

You’ll notice a poll on the front page of The Chamber site – asking you a few questions about online communities and how you’d use them.  IF you’d use them. 

That’s for our information as we continue rebuilding  – we need and want your input.  If you’d like to expand beyond ‘yes or no’ answers, feel free to leave your comments here. 

And thanks for visiting The Chamber’s blog!


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