Oh, the power of a nametag!


Luann Feehan, Vice President of Membership

Ya know, The Chamber loves sticky name badges. However, I’m convinced many people don’t know what they should write on their nametag. So, allow me this opportunity to provide some nametag protocol.

First, let me ask ya a question…How do you view nametags?

You’re at a networking event. The progression probably goes something like this…you meander past someone, glance at their nametag and make a decision. Do you know them? Do you want to know them? What company do they represent? So you check out their nametag to see if you can get those questions answered.

Would you agree that it is a similar response that you give a store front…You check out the store sign to see if you want to shop there…What is it, what do they do, does it appear clean, is it friendly looking, will you be safe?

Pretty similar to networking wouldn’t you agree?

If you don’t really want to be discovered, or if you’re networking for personal reasons… just put your first name on your nametag. Seriously. Your name works well if you are networking for personal reasons or if you’re at a seminar and you really don’t want to engage in company conversation. But, if you want to engage in shop talk…I encourage you to put your company name on the badge too!

Think about this. When you drive by a store are you going to go in if it just says “BOB” on the sign? Well then, don’t just put “Bob” on your nametag.

I saw a nametag last week that I really liked. They wrote their company name first and in large letters and then wrote their first name at the bottom of the nametag. I liked it! After all, most people want to know if you represent a business they want to connect with, then they’ll connect with you.

Be sure to use your nametag to your advantage.

Tip #1  – When you’re writing out a nametag, be sure to write legibly. (There is no reason to wear a nametag if no one can read it.)

Tip #2 – Write big enough. Again, no reason to wear it if no one can see it. Make it easy for people to meet you.

Tip #3 – Write your name (just first name is ok), but most importantly add your company name too.

Let me ask you this. …Think about the Super Bowl: Does Budweiser run ads each year? (Yes) When you view them, don’t you have a pretty good idea it’s a Bud ad? (Probably) Yet they all say (and use the logo) for Budweiser.

Same goes for you at a networking event. Don’t assume everyone knows you. And, don’t miss the opportunity to market your company. You may see or expect to see people regularly at events. So use it to your advantage. Get your company name recognized. Get YOU recognized.

Lastly, place your nametag on your right shoulder. Studies prove that this is the easiest way for people to acknowledge your nametag, especially when shaking hands.

Whew, I feel better now. See ya soon at a chamber function…and I’ll be checking out your nametag etiquette!

Upcoming Chamber networking opportunities – places to wear your nametag proudly:

Schmooze – Wednesday, March 10th at the Irish Museum & Cultural Center

Business After Hours – Thursday, March 18th at the Muehlebach Tower of the downtown Marriott

Face2Face – Friday, April 2nd at the Hyatt


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