Now is a great time to get the Customer Service edge!


Luann Feehan, Vice President of Membership

I truly believe customer service in today’s economy is at an all time low. That means that it is relatively easy to meet expectations! And if you are just merely meeting expectations, you will not be building customer loyalty.

The goal is to exceed expectations by going above and beyond the anticipation.

A happy customer is someone who is so impressed and excited about their experience with you that they can’t wait to tell others about you and your products. They become your sales force!

But before you go above and beyond, it is essential to consistently provide great service. It is consistency in service that provides comfort and security for customers.

They know what to expect, and know they can depend on you and trust you. When service is up and down, it leaves customers with an insecure feeling and a feeling that you don’t care.

Consistency is the foundation and basis for creating great customer service and happy customers. Before you do the extra things, make sure that you are doing the basics every time the same way. Be predictable. Go ahead, try it. I dare ya!


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