Government Relations Update 1/20/10


Kristi Smith Wyatt, Chamber Interim President and Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Policy Development

Kansas City Earnings Tax
Talk about the end to the earnings tax (e-tax) in Kansas City and St. Louis continues.  The e-tax represents 30% of the City of Kansas City Missouri’s general fund-$200 million in annual city revenue.  It is 1% of earnings for residents or 1% of services for non-residents.  Billionaire Rex Sinquefield of the Show-Me Institute has initiated petitions to bring the issue to a statewide vote.  Possible replacements touted by petition organizers include a land or land value tax. Read more at

Nixon-State of the State Address

Missouri Governor Nixon will deliver his state of the state address tonight at 7 p.m.  The Chamber will be following closely as he is expected to give an indication of what items will be included in the newest round of budget cuts.  Jefferson City insiders also believe he will also address economic development incentives, ethics reform, and even tougher DWI laws. 

For more information check out the following articles:

Mo. Gov. Nixon to outline budget, policy plans

Nixon to take different route than Parkinson: No new taxes

New KCI Terminal Still Being Planned

Yesterday, Aviation Director Mark Van Loh met with Mid America Regional Council’s Total Transportation Policy Committee to provide an update on the KCI Master Plan.  Van Loh stated the master plan still promotes a new airport layout consolidating passenger service operations to a new, single terminal located to the south of the existing system.

Van Loh did state any new improvements would be paid for by the federal government and the airlines.

Miller, Thornberry, and Kerr Confirmed

It was my pleasure to be present for The Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee discussion on proposed appointments made by Governor Nixon. Among them where Kansas Citians Stephen Miller as a member of the State Highway and Transportation Commission and Megan Thornberry as a member of the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners.  Both were confirmed

In addition, former Kansas Secretary of Commerce David Kerr was also confirmed as Missouri’s Director of the Department of Economic Development. As I have reported in the past, Kerr engineered significant and successful economic development strategies in Kansas and is supported heavily by economic development agencies from around Missouri in hopes he will employ comparative initiatives here.

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