Government Relations Update 12/30/09


Kristi Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Policy Development

As 2009 comes to a close I have put together a list of my New Years’ resolutions. 

They include:

  • Resolving to find an extra 2 hours in every day so I can manage to read all of the following: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly, Hawvers News Service, Tony’s Kansas City, the Huffington Post, The Kansas City Star, and the MO Scout report. 
  • Resolving to BUOA (Brush up on acronyms), to SMIT (sound more in touch), or SMPA (sound more politically astute).  Here are some of the low hanging fruit on the Chamber letter tree: MOSIRA, MODESA, MOTIME4ME, KBA, KTEC, KTOE (keeping track of everything), and RAN (remembering absolutely nothing).
  • Resolving to read something for the fun of it.
  • Resolving to feed the meters more regularly in both Jeff City and Topeka.
  • Resolving to reflect more on The Chamber’s policy accomplishments and enjoy the relationships our members have helped us develop and nurture in DC, Jeff and Topeka.

Also this week I am enjoying all of the best political moment listings, here are some to share:

Check out this great slideshow of the top 20 2009 Political moments compiled by CBS news:

Listen to The Political Junkies Year in Review hosted by NPR’s Ken Rudin.  Originally aired  12/23/09:

The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske puts together a list of the KC regions moments of the decade:

ABC News puts together Nine of 2009’s Best Political Flubs, Gaffes and Laughs:

Although not very politically inspired (except for wait for it….#1), Newsweek has put together a listing of 2009’s biggest rivalries:

KY3 Political Notebook shares with us who are Missouri political power tweeps (  as well as thoughts for top 10 Missouri 2009 stories:

Let it snow? 

While most of us were excited to see a white Christmas here in Kansas City, city officials were less than enthused.  Kansas City, Missouri, has only $2.5 million allocated for the entire winter for snow removal, and a lot of that will be eaten up by this storm alone.  When contacted today, city officials weren’t able to put an exact number on the total cost of removing up to a foot of snow; but they did acknowledge it will be costly.


One Response to “Government Relations Update 12/30/09”

  1. Doral Chamber of Commerce Says:

    Great job Mrs. Wyatt!!

    Happy New 2010!!

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