Government Relations Update – 10/14/09


kristiwyatt12010 Missouri and Kansas Legislative Sessions
The weather’s turned cold but issues in Missouri and Kansas are heating up with less than 3 months remaining before the start of the legislative sessions.  The revenue picture in both states is causing concern that very little new legislation will be passed in 2010-in fact some legislators said that the best that can happen is to hold on to what we already have!

9th Annual Athena Award Celebration
Congratulations to Kansas City civic activist, Mamie Hughes who received The Chamber’s ATHENA Award on Tuesday evening.  The ATHENA Award recognizes exemplary leadership and service, and, most importantly, honors an individual who has actively assisted in opening pathways for others, especially women. The ATHENA Award is given in more than 375 U.S. cities and has recognized more than 2,600 men and women nationwide.

This prestigious event was held at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.  The museum is incredible and well worth a visit.  The Wyeth exhibit is now on display.  More information is available at

We’ve got issues!
While all eyes are on federal healthcare legislation, The Chamber is tracking several other federal issues and bills that will impact Kansas City area businesses.  You can read a one-page summary on several of these key packages on the Chamber’s website.  Some of the issues we are tracking include:

Kansas City Gets Key Transportation Advocate
We were very pleased when Missouri Governor Jay Nixon appointed Kansas City lawyer Stephen Miller to the Missouri Highway Commission.  Mr. Miller is extremely well versed and passionate about Kansas City and its transportation needs.  He has already come before The Chamber’s  Board and  Surface Transportation Committee where he stressed the importance that Kansas City have a seat at the table on all transportation issues.  Miller stressed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) had helped MODoT’s short term financial woes, but there remains a structural imbalance for Missouri to meet its transportation needs in the future.  Miller gave insightful and thoughtful comments and we look forward to partnering with him on these important issues.


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