Update on the Search for New Chamber President


PamWhitingWe’re distributing a news release announcing the selection of a firm in the search for a new Chamber President.  As we announced earlier, current President Pete Levi is retiring December 31, 2009, after 19 years in the position. 

The Selection Committee, appointed by current Chamber Chair Anne St. Peter (Global Prairie), is co-chaired by Peter deSilva (UMB) and Peter C. Brown (Grassmere Partners).  deSilva and Brown announced EFL Associates of Leawood will conduct a national search.

“EFL has intimate knowledge of our Chamber and has been a strong Chamber member since 1979. In fact, the chairman & CEO of EFL Associates, Peter Lemke, served as chairman of The Chamber Board in 1999,” said deSilva. “We are pleased that Peter Lemke and another extremely strong EFL principal, Angie Salmon, will work directly on this search.”

“We are very excited about this process and the determination of a Chamber president,” said Peter Brown. “We encourage anyone who has interest in the position or knowledge of a qualified individual to contact EFL directly.”

Here’s the complete news release.


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